You may ask what makes Supplementchart any different from every other supplements reviewer in the market today, and a whole lot of them at that.

At Supplementchart, our one and only motive is to help consumers make the right decision while purchasing health supplements. Simply put, we do not have any alternate motives like many other reviewers out there. Most reviews that you find online either have ulterior motives or are backed by advertising bucks. In short, they are just glorified endorsements that unsuspecting consumers believe. With SupplementChart on the other hand, you receive un-biased ratings on supplements that have been reviewed by some of the best experts in the industry.

We do not accept any form of advertising to keep things transparent and avoid a conflict of interest. When you sign up with us, you can rest assured that you will get quality ratings on supplements that have not been veered by financial obligations. You can access unbiased ratings of these supplements on our site, based on a number of parameters ranging from value for money to potency. We try to keep things as transparent as possible so you can rely on us for your supplement choices.

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